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UV-C Germicidal Irradiation Lighting


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UV-C is invisible to the human eye yet has the power to break down the DNA, RNA of the viruses and bacteria therefore can no longer reproduce.  Used as part of a multi disinfection strategy, can assist in limiting the use of harsh chemicals.

UV-A   used for curing and tanning purposes

UV-B   used for medical treatments such as skin conditions

UV-C   used for disinfectant germicidal application

Benefits of UV-C technology:

– Kills up to 99.99% bacteria, viruses, mold and spores;

– Protects and prevents micro-organism growth;

– Effective and reliable disinfection process;

– Easy operation and

– Cost effective

With bio-security quickly becoming standard practice in all public places, many business can benefit from several disinfectant processes one of which is UV-C Germicidal Irradiation – disinfection and purification for air, water and surfaces.

All bacteria and viruses tested to date respond to UV-C disinfection at the appropriate doses.  Applications for UV-C germicidal systems include but not limited to:

– Upper air luminaires – persons can be present

– Open air luminaires – no persons can be present

– Air conditioning systems – HO (high output) UV-C lamps will keep the cooling coil free from biofilm

Areas of high traffic across multiple sectors would greatly benefit from UV-C germicidal lighting systems such as:

– Education

– Hospitality

– Transportation

– Entertainment

– Manufacturing

– Finance / Administrative

– Personal Services


Shadows or irregular surfaces will not be disinfected by UV-C germicidal irradiation.  For optimum virus and bacterial eradication a UV-C disinfection system should be coupled with regular hygiene and proper cleaning processes and only be installed by trained professionals.  Exposure to UV-C radiation can be harmful to skin and eyes with the potential to cause severe damage.  It is key to follow all safety instructions and precautions applicable to the type of system implementation.  




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